How To Earn Big Bucks Using LinkedIn Pulse And Your Own Website Or Blog

How To Earn Big Bucks Using LinkedIn Pulse And Your Own Website Or Blog

Creating a website is quite easy these days, especially with open source CMS. Buying a credible host and a domain name that suits you is all it takes.

However, earning money from your website is the real game. It becomes much easier if you are active on social media networks.

Especially if you are active on LinkedIn, that helps in forming long-term business relationships.

Here are a few ideas to earn money using blog or website and LinkedIn Pulse:

  1. Write the same article in both places and drive traffic towards them. Advertise your products and services clearly.
  2. Directly sell your products on website and post the links on LinkedIn for your connections to buy them.
  3. Sell your products on LinkedIn Pulse platform and invite comments and feedback.
  4. Write reviews about other people’s products and charge them a sum for it. Post this on your website and LinkedIn Pulse.
  5. Be an influencer by being consistent in posting ads, links etc on both these platforms.
  6. Advertise both these platforms on other social media networks and attract more traffic.
  7. Advertise blog and LinkedIn Pulse article on CPA Networks and earn money conveniently.
  8. Message all your LinkedIn contacts about your blogs and sell your services to them easily.
  9. Ask for recommendations, testimonials and reviews for your blog or website using LinkedIn Pulse platform.
  10. Advertise your videos on LinkedIn Pulse and on your blog and crosslink both for maximum traction.

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