How To Explode Business Profitability Using LinkedIn And Your Website

How To Explode Business Profitability Using LinkedIn And Your Website

Your website is your online home and so is LinkedIn. Especially for a professional like me, who has been in the industry writing LinkedIn profiles from the past 10 years, LinkedIn has given me what nothing else could have.

I have earned money for a livelihood, promoted various links and products, influenced people on good causes as well as helped 1000s of people understand the platform and find new jobs!

In Dec 2013, I recollect I wrote my first LinkedIn profile for a gentleman and since then, there has been no looking back. Before that I had been recruiting, writing Resumes for various cadres etc. but the moment I started writing LinkedIn profiles, my world changed!

What’s special about LinkedIn

  1. It is the sole professional network that has maximum no. of true profiles that are validated. The network unlike FB or Twitter has a stringent system to filter out fake profiles!
  2. The network offers features such as LinkedIn Jobs and LinkedIn Learning that are priceless.
  3. The network has great free features, to the extent that I used it to run an entire recruitment business several years back.
  4. The network is an online Resume which allows us to be colourful and just be ourselves.

So what differentiates it from a website?

  1. You do not have to build it using any designing platform or Software.
  2. You just go, register an account and start updating and operating.
  3. You have a profile that looks well polished if written well.
  4. You can out up images, videos and brand yourself seamlessly.
  5. You can create Company Pages and Groups as well.
  6. You can join several Groups and network seamlessly.

Imagine the power of LinkedIn and a Website combined!

These would be the benefits, to say the least:

  1. You can blog on your website and post the links on your LinkedIn wall for advertising and it will instantly reach millions of people, if you use paid advertising.
  2. You can cross link your LinkedIn profile and put it up on your website, which will drive traffic towards both networks at the same time.
  3. You can use similar or different keywords on your blog/website as well as LinkedIn account and rank very high in search engines permanently.
  4. You can copy paste your website blog articles to your LinkedIn Pulse platform and promote it further that will get you more customers and fans/followers.
  5. You can also spread the word using FB, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube simultaneously to ensure your blog as well as LinkedIn profile receives good traction.

So here’s what you will need to create a website/blog of your own as well as to promote your business effectively:

  1. Domain Name – BUY HERE
  2. Website Hosting Account- BUY HERE
  3. Web Designing using Open Source CMS, this can be done totally free and you so not have to spend s dime on getting it designed. READ TO KNOW HOW
  4. Email Marketing System for promotions – BUY HERE
  5. Social Media Posting Platform that makes your job 100% easy – BUY HERE

You can buy the Domain name and Website Hosting from the same platform I am suggesting. It is one of the best and most robust. I have been using it from the past many years now.

These 5 are the must have tools for any website to run. Once these have been purchased, the actual work starts and you need to do the following:

  1. Start promoting your products and services on various social platforms.
  2. Perform SEO for your website using THIS TOOL.
  3. Maintain rankings on search engines consistently.

In my subsequent articles, I will explain all these steps in detail.

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