5 Rocking Resume Writing Tips for Freshers

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Being a Fresher who has just completed college, it might often be a challenge to write a good Resume, something that would appeal to recruiters. Following the below mentioned tips would help in successful completion of a good CV.

  1. Have a clean format for your CV. Choose a Font that is professional, e.g., Times New Roman, Verdana. Choose a Font Size that appeals. The ideal Font sizes should be between 10 and 12. Use different line styles between sections to highlight each clearly. Use Bold and Capitalized words wherever essential.
  2. Divide your CV into sections such as CV Objective, Work Summary, Experience Details, Education and Personal Bio. Keep the information crisp and accurate.
  3. Check your CV well for spelling and grammatical errors well before uploading on to jobsites and company websites or before forwarding to recruiters. A CV with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors will guaranteed be rejected even before the HR Manager reads through it.
  4. Use Keywords that well describe your aspirations. For e.g., if you are applying for a Programmer position in an IT company, use keywords related to the job position, such as, software programmer, software developer, IT software developer etc. Doing so will ensure that your CV is searchable and easily readable amongst the thousands of CVs people upload every day onto jobsites.
  5. Use easy to read yet professional language throughout your CV. Refer to technical words often so that the recruiter perceives your focus on the subject matter.

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