Social Canvas

Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Viral Marketing, LinkedIn Profile Writing, Social Media Engagement, Social Media Analytics and much more..

Not yet explored the limits of social media? Well, it is a vast ocean, isn’t it? But! You stil can leverage its enormous potential for your business.

What you can expect from our social media marketing services:

  • Business Leads
  • Higher Rankings on search engines
  • Lots of permanent and real followers, fans and friends/business connections
  • Quality and Quantity, both!
  • Tons of quality content to rank you permanently on TOP!


What SMM includes: 

  • Facebook Marketing: Paid/Unpaid, Organic/Inorganic
  • Twitter Marketing:  Paid/Unpaid, Organic/Inorganic
  • LinkedIn Profiles, Company Pages:  Paid/Unpaid, Organic/Inorganic
  • Google + Promotions, Business Pages:  Organic/Inorganic
  • Google News Submissions
  • Google Trends Analysis
  • Google Search Engine Submissions for long term benefits.
  • Google Local Submissions
  • Google Free Website Creation- Customized.
  • Google Business Page Creation and Verification Help
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords & promotions
  • Pinterest Promotions & Posts/Bookmarks
  • Stumbleupon Promotions & Bookmarks
  • Tumblr Blogs, Creation and Posts
  • YouTube Video Creation & Submissions
  • Video Marketing
  • Press Release Submissions
  • Wiki Page Creations
  • Wiki Article Creations
  • Instagram Accounts Management
  • Instagram Engagement
  • Instagram Traffic Analysis
  • Instagram Lead Generation..

…and the list goes on!

Whatsapp us on +918608657782 to know more!

Services for individual social media sites starts at $50 USD/m.

Packages start from $100 USD/m.

Opportunities are seamless, networks many, all you need is expertise that is focused on elevating your business results to top!

At Talent Canvas, we do it all for you and within a few months, your business would reach the final destination.

Our strategy is a unique combination of Social Media Marketing, SEO and Blogging. We help our customers purely thrive on new, fresh content! All the time!

The results are long-term, Only white hat techniques used.

Got a doubt? Email us on to know more.

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Read some of our Client Testimonials Here. We have been in this field for more than 5 years and have helped more than 30 businesses gain real benefit!


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