Personal Motivation & Interpersonal Skills at Workplace

Personal Motivation

Being motivated is all about receiving the right feedback from people about yourself and establishing cordial relationships!

The key to strong interpersonal relationships is having good communication skills, both personally and professionally.

So what motivates an individual and likewise what demotivates?

  1. Praising somebody and receiving back praises motivates!
  2. Giving compliments daily and wishing even a simple Good Morning motivates.
  3. Smiling at others is a motivational factor!
  4. Having professional manners and etiquette is motivating!
  5. Dressing up professionally is a cool motivational factor.

…and so on…

So what demotivates others?

  1. A constant cribbing attitude is irritating, to say the least!
  2. Ignoring others and not being aware of how they feel is a big demotivating factor.
  3. Throwing tantrums at work, purposely hurting someone is a demotivating factor and so on…

At Talent Canvas, we work towards improving “Self-Awareness” in individuals by training them on factors that improve their interpersonal relationships.

As relationships improve, their engagement at work improves and so does their growth and elevation at work.

Some common topics of training include:

  • Business Communication Skills
  • Business Etiquette
  • Self-awareness at workplace
  • Workplace Discipline
  • Maintaining the status quo and not crossing the line skills
  • Resolving misunderstandings
  • Maintaining performance amidst pressure
  • Improving relationship with boss and peers
  • Contributing towards organizational goals selflessly
  • Setting daily goals to stay focused at work..

…and much more!