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How and Why To Add Bullets and Symbols To Your LinkedIn Profile

How And Why To Add Bullets And Symbols To Your LinkedIn Profile

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[tweetshareinline tweet=”LinkedIn Profile Bullets are a great way of expressing oneself creatively. ” username=”@talentcanvas1″]They add style, beauty and energy to your profile.

LinkedIn profile bullets can be used in various shapes and sizes. A few popular websites have these bullets listed and one can copy paste the bullets from there directly.

Another option is to copy paste symbols from MS Word document. After all, the relevance of these symbols depends on where one adds them and how.

Here are a few places these bullets and symbols add great value:

  1. LinkedIn Bullets for Headlines and Titles

    : Inserting LinkedIn bullets in headlines and text titles highlights the text and makes them more visible to the eyes of the reader.

  2. Symbols for LinkedIn Summary and Role Descriptions

    : One is allowed to write up to 2000 characters in the Summary as well as in the role descriptions. When you juggle bullets and symbols effectively with text, it looks great and professional.

  3. Prepping Up LinkedIn Blog Articles/ LinkedIn Pulse

    : Professionals publish blogs using LinkedIn as their platform. When they use LinkedIn bullets and symbols in their articles, it reps up the look!

Apart from these places, [tweetshare tweet=”one could also use these bullets and symbols in their Resume” username=”@talentcanvas1″]. Although several HR professionals discourage using bullets in Resume, with the advent of Visual Resume and Infographic Resume, adding bullets has gained popularity.

Here are some amazing Bullets you could use while writing your LinkedIn profile:

  1. The Arrow Symbols

☛ ☚ ☜ ☝ ☞ ☟ ⇨ ► ◄ ► »↔️⬅️↘️⬆️↗️↙️➡️↕️↪️🔃⬆️⬇️🔄⏬⏫⏪

⏫⏪ ▶️⏯️ ⏭️ ⏏️

  1. The circles and squares

⏺️⏹️◼️ ➿ 🅾️ 🔆 ⬛️ ◼️◽️◻️🔸🔹🔻🔺💠 ⚪️⚫️🔴

  1. Phone, Email and Address Symbols

✉ ✍ ✎ ✏ ✑ ⌨️ 📲 📔 🔭🎬🎥

  1. Line Symbols








Any symbol repeatedly copy pasted can be used as a line.

  1. Smiley symbols, If you really need them that is!

😊😆🤣🤠 ☺️

  1. Other symbols you may use


🏕 🏛 🌐🏙️🏦🏩🌅🌄🚅🚄🚊🚇🚎🛫🛩️


  1. Currency Symbols

$ 💷 💲💳💶 💱 💴 💵

  1. Tick Marks


  1. Bar Charts and Graph Symbols

📊 📈 💹 📉

..and much more. It is all about getting creative and innovative and there is no limit to prepping up your LinkedIn profile Summary, role descriptions and text in other places.

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