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Top content marketing strategies our social media experts swear by

Content Marketing services and strategy to rank your business permanently

Our content marketing services guarantee permanent rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. We use only white-hat methods and do not endorse Black Hat methods of any kind. Read on to know more.

Share, promote and advertise using content marketing services

Using content marketing for social media marketing is a great way to promote businesses and receive more sales. By social sharing, website ranking on Google also improves and doing SEO alongside, further enhances this.

Social Platforms for content marketing services for your website

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Tumblr are the most important platforms. Instagram is great as well besides Vimeo, Stumbleupon and Dailymotion.

Social bookmarking for excellent content marketing

Websites such as Digg, Delicious, Diigo, Reddit are some important bookmarking sites that are great to start with. Reddit is a well-known bookmarking platforms used by the best of social media experts.

Benefits of social media marketing platforms

Facebook is great to advertise using paid ads as it offers targeted audience based on country, age, ethnicity etc. Likewise, Tweets are useful for expressing short and crisp messages to all. LinkedIn is the most authentic social media platform offering online CVs of real individuals.
Google+ communities are also simply awesome and have millions of members who would read your advertisements.

Some Setbacks of Social media platforms

LinkedIn and Facebook especially are strict with sharing too much. Facebook restricts users from contacting too many unknown users in a day. Similarly, LinkedIn restricts your account if they find you having fake social media accounts.
Posting inappropriate links on Twitter and Google+ may also lead to a debacle. While YouTube allows great freedom, they do not allow A rated videos that cross the limits of their policy and rules.

Latest, trending and best Content Marketing services and strategies on the web

Using Images to tell your story

Images are available in plenty for modifying and using for telling your story. By advertising your story and openings and also writing SEO content that accompanies them with links helps a lot. Sharing them on Facebook, Twitter using tools such as Hootsuite is quite useful. Several image sharing sites such as Imgur add great value as well.

Using Videos to market your business

Posting videos on Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion et al. helps as much as sharing on Facebook and Twitter with the correct keywords and links accompanies.

Writing Video Blogs (Vlogs) besides blog management

Writing SEO videos and SEO content for websites improves rankings rapidly. People love videos as they allow more scope for communication.

Posting Infographics that are useful

Information graphics talk of the flow of information in any process or procedure. Several businesses use information graphics to market their content effectively.

Advertising to Google+ communities and LinkedIn Groups

Google+ communities have several social media professionals besides common audience advertising their business and websites every day. It is highly recommended to make use of them.

Advertising on Facebook groups and pages

Facebook groups and pages allow comments and posts and have millions of likes and followers per group and page respectively. Posting on Facebook pages is a great way of content marketing.

Advertising on Google using paid adwords

Google adwords is a well-established platform for advertisers and social media professionals worldwide. By bidding the right amounts, you can advertise your business effectively.

Using email marketing for ecommerce sales and other websites

Emails are a great way to reach to millions of people in a lesser period of time. Platforms such as Amazon’s email marketing offers cheap and affordable option. Mailchimp is another important platform for email marketing your content, images and videos.

Writing SEO content effectively

SEO is important for all websites these days. SEO articles and SEO content writing not just helps you rank higher on searches but also adds true value to website and improves online presence and credibility in the eyes of the customer.

Using Instagram for direct messaging and getting more leads

Instagram is a great platform to showcase short videos and images. With optimal resolution images and short duration videos of say 30 seconds, you can use it as an effective content marketing strategy.

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