Business Plan Research, Writing and Editing

Business Plan Writing

If you are a start-up looking for investors or financers, your business plan document holds utmost importance!

Your business plan conveys the heart and soul of what you are going to do with the business you plan to start. Essentially, the following form the core of effective business plan writing:

  1. How well your objectives and goals have been expressed
  2. What are the products or services you are going to sell
  3. How do you plan to sell these products and services
  4. What marketing research and plans have you developed as a business
  5. Who are your team members and how have you hired them or how are you about to hire them
  6. Why your business idea is different and why should someone invest in it
  7. Who are the stakeholders and partners and what is the initial investment
  8. How much money is required to kick-start your business and run it effectively
  9. What are the sources you wish to approach for receiving the money
  10. Who forms the core leadership and who would be accelerating the profits
  11. Who benefits from your products and services essentially and indirectly
  12. What are the challenges and risks involved in your chosen business idea
  13. What options and security could you provide to your investors and financers
  14. How do you plan to meet crisis situations and handle large orders or consignments
  15. How fast do you think the business would catch pace

..and so on..

Besides the above, financial projections and revenue models form the core of whatever you write and present to your clients in your business plan!

Only by projecting the revenues your business could generate, you can provide a direct and indirect guarantee to your investors about your business idea!

At Talent Canvas, we hire dedicated business plan writers, pitch deck writers and are a dedicated set of start-up consultants serving you depending on your niche and ensuring you receive the desired documents for pitching in yourself effectively.

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Social media content for business pages and websites

Shareable social media content writing service

If you have been long searching for someone who could draft your social media content for posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest or any other social site, you must avail our services.

Social media content creation and curation

Creating social content for businesses is quite a challenging task as apart from identifying the right keywords, one needs to write the text content as well as plan the graphics and videos for publishing and promoting.

Our fool-proof social media content writing solutions as well as marketing solutions guarantee a 360 degree approach to managing your social media and posting results-oriented content that gets you traffic.

Social media content writing for marketing

Writing social content is not just about posting a few links for SEO and for internet marketing and advertising. Instead, writing social media content requires careful research and influential text.

We curate the best content from the internet and post it to social sites for our customers. We also write posts with hashtags and relevant media to be posted to various social sites.

Social media writing for sales lead generation

For effective sales lead generation, writing social content that attracts buyers is important. Generating leads is all about approaching people in the right way with the right advertisements.

We design ads on graphics and videos as well as post this content with the correct hashtags to ensure maximum visibility and social shares simultaneously.

Writing social content for social media engagement

Keeping your audience and followers engaged is a great art. One needs to post interesting content that also markets your products, helps you sell your products as well as keep the reader engaged.

We provide DEEP social media engagement services for our customers starting from just 50$ a month. This has helped the get sales leads as well as helped them to market their products effectively.

Social media channels and social media platforms

We have mentioned some of the topmost and best social media platforms here. However, we provide services for all social media sites of your choice.

Facebook posting, paid ads and updates

Content for Facebook posts need to be accompanied with the correct sizing of graphics or a professional video.
We provide Facebook post content services starting from just 100$/m.

Twitter tweets, retweets and marketing

Twitter tweets should not exceed 140 characters and should also capture everything you want to say including the link and image.
We design images for Twitter tweets, guarantee retweets and Likes as well as get you new followers.

LinkedIn groups posting content and LinkedIn Pulse Publishing

LinkedIn groups hold several discussions for professionals which is extremely useful. Posting and commenting in these discussions is highly fruitful.

We write content for posting on LinkedIn Groups, wall as well as LinkedIn pulse articles for publishing. Services start from 100$/m.

Google+ Posting and Community Sharing Content

Google+ is Google’s very own platform that has great potential for helping you to be found on searches.

Even without onpage SEO, posting on Google pages and profiles and sharing on communities helps. We help you with all of this.

Tumblr Blog Posts and Sharing

Tumblr is only the next best to when it comes to blogging and posting articles and links.

A great social bookmarking site, it is and receives huge traffic every day. We help you write Tumblr posts and receive blog shares.

Instagram media posts and advertising

Instagram is a great platform to direct message your clients or potential leads and ask them for opportunities and enquiries.

We help you create the right media posts and also the right hashtags for posting every day and getting more traffic to websites.

YouTube Video Creation and Marketing

YouTube is and will remain the best Video publishing platform of the world. Owned by Google, video posting and marketing on YT is crucial for businesses.

We help you create slideshows and videos that do all the talking on your behalf and escalate business results faster.

Social Bookmarking- Stumbleupon, Digg, Diigo, Delicious

Social Bookmarking is a very important task that every business needs to do. By acknowledging your links, you bookmark them for future reference and improve rankings.

We help you with all the above and to bookmark on many more social bookmarking sites.

Reddit Content Sharing

Reddit receives huge traffic and is one of the premium platforms for social bookmarking.
If you require Reddit posting, bookmarking and sharing services, get in touch with us.


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