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10 Important Tips for Professionally Rewriting Resumes

December 13, 2018

Are you unhappy with your present Resume? Well, maybe yes! That’s why you may have landed here, seeking tips to professionally rewrite your Resume. LET’S LEARN HOW TO PROFESSIONALLY REWRITE RESUME! To begin with, Rewriting your Resume is an easy if you consider these 10 points carefully! Once you implement these Resume writing tips, your […]

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How to find the latest resume format for your skills

December 9, 2018

Resume formats are available in plenty in the market. You research the internet and find plenty of Resume Formats that break the mould. Visual Resumes, Infographic Resumes, Text Resumes and so on. . You might as well hire an online Resume Manager for your job search if you are in dire need of one! The […]

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Top 4 Resume – CV Formatting Tips For Beginners

December 3, 2018

What you write in your Resume decides your future, so make sure with the kind of writing you do, you strike the right first impression on recruiters and other readers alike. Format your text Choose a font in size 11 or 12 that is easily readable and accepted in the market by HR professionals. Times […]

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5 Top Reasons that make your Resume the best!

July 20, 2015

Your Resume is not just a blueprint of your work experience and skills, but it is nonetheless a statement about who you are. A Resume that just describes your work details is not complete. Instead, a Resume that represents “You” in totality is far better. Here are some details that will help you in making […]

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Rocking Career, Resume, LinkedIn and Work From Home Tips

July 20, 2015

Being a Fresher who has just completed college, it might often be a challenge to write a good Resume, something that would appeal to recruiters. Following the below mentioned tips would help in successful completion of a good CV. Have a clean format for your CV. Choose a Font that is professional, e.g., Times New […]

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