Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP

NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming Training
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NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a technique to condition our minds in ways that help us achieve our goals quickly, easily and with minimal effortless.
Our Programmes are conducted by experts in the field. Details as mentioned below.


1) Help subjects understand their own mental make and help them re-frame their minds to achieve what they want or desire.
2) Equip subjects with the required tools and techniques for reprogramming their subconscious mind, where all the secrets of success are stored.
3) Guide, mentor subjects and handhold them till they receive 100% clarity on their short-term and long-term goals besides helping them fulfil the same with ease.
Online as well as offline exercises: Our methodology combines several spiritual practices as well and you may experience miracles along the way as well. Post the course, we will handhold you for at least for a month to make sure you are sustaining the practices and are in touch with your TRUE SELF!
PowerPoint Presentation
Guided Mental Exercises/ Meditations
Music & Yoga
Guided Meditation

Duration & Pricing

1-day Programme (1.5 Hours): Basics of NLP – Fees: Rs. 2,000/-
 2-days Programme (4 Hours): Basics of NLP + Most important Tools & techniques – Rs. 4,000/-
5-8 days Programme (12 Hours): Elaborate NLP – Rs. 10,000/-
21-days Programme(27 Hours): Advanced NLP – Rs. 25,000/-
(This will combine advanced spiritual and meditation practices along with elaborate NLP mental exercises.)

Please note that participants can directly jump to the Advanced NLP programme once they complete the 1-day Programme as this would cover everything covered in the 2-days and 5-days programmes respectively.

Below are some DIRECT BENEFITS participants will receive from the Programmes:

1) You will receive much greater depth about your own thinking patterns, thoughts, behaviours, feelings and will be able to organize them towards achieving your goals.
2) You will know what is right for you and what is not. This is because your gut/intuition will increase manifold.
3) You will know the deeper secrets used by most successful people worldwide.
4) You will understand why certain things have happened in your life so far, good as well as bad!
5) You will be empowered to create a new Life for yourself, retaining the positive things and completely removing the negative aspects.
6) Your relationships will improve dramatically as your thinking patterns change.
7) Your level of peace, happiness and acceptance will go up much better than you think.
8) Your relationship with the divine will strengthen as you become much aware of God’s presence in your life!
Blessings and Regards.
WhatsApp +91 860 865 7782 for details.
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