Rocking Career, Resume, LinkedIn and Work From Home Tips

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Being a Fresher who has just completed college, it might often be a challenge to write a good Resume, something that would appeal to recruiters. Following the below mentioned tips would help in successful completion of a good CV.

  1. Have a clean format for your CV. Choose a Font that is professional, e.g., Times New Roman, Verdana. Choose a Font Size that appeals. The ideal Font sizes should be between 10 and 12. Use different line styles between sections to highlight each clearly. Use Bold and Capitalized words wherever essential.
  2. Divide your CV into sections such as CV Objective, Work Summary, Experience Details, Education and Personal Bio. Keep the information crisp and accurate.
  3. Check your CV well for spelling and grammatical errors well before uploading on to jobsites and company websites or before forwarding to recruiters. A CV with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors will guaranteed be rejected even before the HR Manager reads through it.
  4. Use Keywords that well describe your aspirations. For e.g., if you are applying for a Programmer position in an IT company, use keywords related to the job position, such as, software programmer, software developer, IT software developer etc. Doing so will ensure that your CV is searchable and easily readable amongst the thousands of CVs people upload every day onto jobsites.
  5. Use easy to read yet professional language throughout your CV. Refer to technical words often so that the recruiter perceives your focus on the subject matter.

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So does a professional Resume help you getting a job? Most definitely not! There are more things you need to do to get the coveted job. Here are a few career tips that will set the ground for you.

Get a professional LinkedIn profile – You may write the profile yourself or hire a professional LinkedIn profile writer to make the job easier. You can get a FREE LINKEDIN PROFILE review by filling out the same form on our website,

There are plenty of benefits of getting a professional LinkedIn profile:

  • You can connect with multiple employers, recruiters, HR professionals as well as like-minded individuals who are seeking jobs in the same industry as yours or in other industries.
  • You can make new friends, learn new technologies via the LinkedIn Learning platform as well as upload your own blogs by using the LinkedIn Pulse feature.
  • You can create beautiful profiles using bullets, symbols and what not! LinkedIn allows you to embed links as well as media files besides YouTube videos to make your profile stand out.
  • You can connect your account to SlideShare using LinkedIn and interconnect your Slideshows with LinkedIn right on your Summary section.
  • You can also add your Twitter handle to your account and ensure all that you are posting on LinkdIn gets auto-posted to Twitter! This is a really cool feature.

Want to know how to use Bullets and Symbols on your LinkedIn account: READ THIS

So now that you have a LinkedIn profile, what next?

Consider this, “Julie chose to join a MNC at the age of 20 and by the age of 23, she realized that was not where she wanted to be!”. Well, have you ever gotten into that kind of s situation where you thought you had to be on your own and start a Company of your own?

Maybe yes. Maybe that’s why you are reading this post as you are keen on finding a new job, travelling new countries and maybe, you are indeed bored with your present job.

In such a case, there are plenty of  options available.

  1. You could become a freelancer and render services individually on online as well as offline.You could start selling your own products on platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce websites!
  2. You could innovate a single new product, rebrand it and start selling it online!
  3. You might set up a new HR Firm, recruitment agency or even an Educational agency that coaches students online!
  4. You could start selling physical products such as Apparel, Electronic items, Stationery etc. online.
  5. You could start trading on Forex and start making money online on your own!
  6. You could promote your own book, software, iOS and Android Apps online and make good money..

…and so on..

So for this kind of an online career, would you really require a Resume? Well yes, but definitely a dynamic one! Your Resume would be an evolving entity and so would be your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and so on.

Well, think of this!

What would you need for setting up your own business? Apart from finance, you would need an office, employees, Computer systems, data entry specialists and of course sales and marketing personnel. Is there a way you could escape all of this? A good 15 years earlier, this was not possible, but today, yes, it is!

There are some minimal requirements for you to set up a Work-from-home business:

  1. Business Entity with a catchy name registered in your country with all legalities completed! Need Help? WhatsApp +91 7358 778 295 and we will guide you on this!
  2. A product or a set of products to sell online. These could be digital products or physical products that could be shipped! Lost? Unable to connect? WhatsApp +91 7358 778 295 to understand what you might sell online.
  3. An email marketing system that gives you a total hold on all aspects of your business! A system that is cheap and affordable and at the same time, comes with plenty of answers! WISH TO KNOW WHICH ONE WE RECOMMEND? CLICK HERE TO BUY!
  4. A social media tool that helps you market your product quickly using the easiest method possible! There are plenty of tools on the internet, but THIS ONE IS THE BEST! CLICK HERE TO BUY!
  5. Having a website is a must, isn’t it? …and for that you need just two things, a domain and web hosting account! CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BEST AND CHEAPEST WEB HOSTING SERVICE with plenty of freebies. For getting the domain name, you can use the same web hosting space to search for your desired name.

Well, so what next? Do you think the above would suffice? The answer is NO.

You need to think beyond!

You need to think in terms of uniqueness! Why should people buy your product? What value do you offer? What bonuses do you offer, if at all you do?

Why should customers online trust you? Why should people keep coming back to you and so on?

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So now that you have understood just a bit of the game! You need more in-depth understanding of how to sell stuff online? Well, there are many methods indeed. You can pretty much make a $1,000+ using just a single platform, LinkedIn or Instagram! But is that all? When there is more to this and much easier methods to making money online and setting up a Career for yourself, why not leverage that?

This is where a few tasks pop-up incessantly.

  • Creating your own Landing Pages!

So what are Landing Pages? Why are they important?

  • Creating your own Sales Funnels!

What are Sales Funnels? How to create one?

  • Tracking your online success, click rates, sales conversions!

So which are the tools to do so?

  • Tools for SEO/SEM and that perfect advertising exposure online!

This one’s is the biggest challenge and once you master traffic strategies, you are completely game for your own work-from-home business!

Do you wish to know which are the tools and techniques that we suggest? Get in touch with us on +91 7358 778 295 or email at to know more!

Once you have got your online systems in place, what creates online success for you? You, as an entrepreneur needs to be aware of the same. The following points will help you understand this!

  1. Staying Organized: This can be achieved by following a disciplined way of working. By setting up an office space that helps you produce the best results, you could be on top of the game!
  2. Staying consistent: Success is of real value only when it is continuous and so, you need to make consistent efforts to stay on top of the game!
  3. Staying cool and calm: Happiness is the only best way to achieve desired results! Want to know? Because only in a state of joy, you will be able to act stress-free and tell the Universe what you want!
  4. Finding the right marketplaces to sell your products: This is not a matter of sheer luck but something that good research will help you understand. Some awesome Marketplaces that are used by everyone to sell their products include JVZOO and CLICKBANK besides AMAZON for physical products etc. Likewise, you could also buy products from these marketplaces for your own utility.
  5. Start with a Service Mindset: As the Bible states, Believe in yourself and the Universe will return what you ask for! Always start a new business with a helping tendency and with the intent of doing good to others and there is no way you won’t succeed!


  1. Develop yourself and develop others
  2. Continually learn for when you stop learning, you start dying!
  3. Innovate, innovate, innovate as much as you can!
  4. Create videos, webinars, podcasts, blog posts, Image content etc and market yourself absolutely well.
  5. Be active on social media platforms and answer people who ask you questions.
  6. Participate in Forums such as Quora and talk about your products actively.
  7. Perform white-hat SEO for your website, that is important.
  8. Use Landing pages to make your customers think and buy your products whole-heartedly.
  9. Provide 10X more value than you wish to! That will retain your customers forever and keep bringing them back to you!
  10. Blog, write and spread the word using Google Trends, Google News and Search tools that tell you about the Trending topics.
  11. Use Keywords that bring more traffic to your pages.
  12. Spend money on advertising websites that are worthwhile. There are plenty of sites that offer excellent value, of course Google ads and Facebook ads included.
  13. Develop a business with a long-term view and that will help you build credibility forever.
  14. Earn a positive reputation online and get plenty of positive reviews so that people trust you!
  15. Train and coach others, be generous in teaching others your secrets so that you learn back from them.


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